Dual Enrollment Announcement

Attention upcoming 11th and 12th graders! If you are wanting to take Dual Enrollment classes AND have passed the Accuplacer test, you need to login to GAFutures to complete the …

Remote Virtual Learning

Meriwether county has many challenges when it comes to remote learning.  The biggest is internet connectivity.  A very small footprint of the county has broadband or even cellular service. So, if remote learning is chosen, we will ask that you setup a meeting with your school to determine the best plan for you.  There is no one set plan because there are so many different situations.  We are asking you to make a decision by August 4th.  There is a commitment form to sign and then meet with your school to determine the best program for your student.  We will customize a program for your child.  While it would be great for everyone to use google classroom and interactive remote learning, that is not possible with everyone due to the restrictions of internet connectivity in Meriwether county.  We have scholarships available for devices and/or internet connectivity (where available).  But regardless, we will find a plan that works for your child.   A few items with remote learning are:

*we prefer they are on task 7:30 -3:30.

*Grades through 8th – 9 week commitment

*Grades 9 -12 – semester commitment

*we will encourage parents to be more involved.

*with a remote learning commitment form, we will look at individual needs and customize to meet those needs.  Parents are expected to be an integral part of learning

*please contact us regardless if after the cut off date or not.

Call the school if you are interested in remote learning. 706-846-8445

Click the link below to access Pre K planning for 2021

Meriwether County School District  COVID-19 Screening Guidelines/Decision Matrix

Guidelines Matrix

Meriwether County School District Will Use Newest Technologies to Ensure Buildings are Protected Against Viruses

Ecovasive Press Release


Visit ESS.com to start your application.

ESS, a leading education staffing company has exciting substitute and permanent opportunities every day at Meriwether County Schools! Support your community while working for a company that was named one of America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes magazine.

To learn more, please contact Becky Saffles at: RSaffles@ESS.com |or call 352.204.7793

Meriwether County WiFi

We are happy to announce that school buses are currently serving as WiFi hotspots for Meriwether County Schools! Our bus WiFi project is now in place at 5 different locations throughout the district (UES, GEWES, MVES, GMS/GHS, MMS/MHS) We hope the MCSS Bus WiFi Project will be beneficial to all of our Meriwether students!


Please take a minute to complete the 2019-2020 Parent and Community Survey.

Title I Parent and Community Survey

COVID-19 Information

CDC revised its COVID-19 Symptoms List to include more indicators. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

DPH News Release – Recommended Use Cloth Face Coverings (1)

COVID-19 Contact Guidance 6.13.2020

DPH News Release – Contact Tracing Video Annoucement 6-19-2020

How to Register for COVID 19 Testing