Holly Corin

Degree: B.A. Berry College

Course Taught: Art



Courses Taught: Band 


Honour Hendricks

Degree: MEd in Theatre Education from Columbus State University, a BA in Theatre from Georgia Southern University, and studied at the Stella Adler Studio for Acting in New York City.

Courses Taught: MS/HS Drama

Bio: As an educator, she was named a Nobel National Teacher of Distinction. She has a background in entertainment as well as government work, however, her passion is teaching. She has been in education for nearly 10 years. As a director, she has revamped and established multiple programs- bringing home several awards each time. Each program she has created has tripled productions, coordinated auditorium events, and developed a big community presence through outreach. Awards included several One Act Play wins, 12 Best Actor/Actress Awards, and multiple All-Star Casts at district and state-wide events. Within her communities, she has advocated for outreach by working with community theatres and providing opportunities for area youth. While working to restore a historical theatre she coordinated with the Fox Theatre Institute for the Theatre Revival Tour, worked with Project GLO to bring great arts to the county, and created events by bringing productions for kids from preschool through high school.