Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) / Information

LYNN ARNDT-Healthcare Science

Degree: Gordon College – RN 1986

Courses Taught: Health Science Pathway: Introduction to Healthcare Science, Essentials of Healthcare (Anatomy & Physiology), Introduction to Medical Terminology, Health Informatics – Medical Office Management, Patient Care Fundamentals – Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

Bio: Married, 3 children and 6 grandchildren Enjoy spending time with family, traveling, and riding my motorcycle as often as possible.

Health Science Classes – Required supplies

DR. JIMMY BLACK-Agriculture

Degree: Doctorate/ Tier II in Administration/ Graduate of the Superintendent Academy/ National Board Certified

Courses Taught: Agribusiness/ FFA Sponsor

Bio: Family is Extremely Important to Me! My wife and I are blessed with two children.  I enjoy traveling and cattle farming.|

ZACHARY KELLY-Graphic Design

Degree: B.F.A. 2D Design, M.F.A.2D Studio

Courses Taught: Introduction to Graphics and Design, Graphic Design and Production, Advanced Graphic Design

Bio: I live in LaGrange with Jessie, my beautiful wife. We have 2 dogs (Saber and Thatcher) and 2 cats (Finley and Arty). I have a few hobbies: I paint; draw; create fantasy-style maps; 3D Print; play Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim; write adventure and horror short stories; sound recording and editing; and just generally tinker and build stuff with my beautiful wife. In the same vein, I have a whole lot of interests. Among my favorites are Art Theory related, going into why people feel compelled to make art in the first place. Like, what makes a person look at a blank canvas or sheet of paper and want to fill it with something? Also, I am a huge fan of telling stories and I think the act of telling a story is one of the most important things humans do. It’s probably why I am so interested in telling and experiencing stories in my hobbies.

MELANIE ELLINGTON-Early Childhood Education

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education General Ed (K-5) Special Education (K-12)

Courses Taught: Early Childhood Education 1 & 2

I enjoy hanging out with my family, traveling and watching football. I have been married for close to 30 years to my husband Chris. We have 2 grown daughters who are married. Also, we have 2 grandkids that we adore and enjoy spoiling whenever we get the chance.

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